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In my work I wish to convey the daily emotions which are an integral part of my journey through life, of which I am the protagonist and active participant.

My paintings are purely emotional and are strongly influenced by visionary and fanciful atmospheres or moods. I translate and transfer these impulses with dynamism and chromatic intensity within a rigorous formal and perspective frame.

The result that emerges is, obviously, a personal

expression and attentive interpretation of the

value and meaning of all aspects and realities

that are important to me. Mine are not just simple

atmospheric or environmental representations, but

internal and external voyages into a world  of

emotions and sympathetic perceptions and, also,

of sensibilities of a memory which references

Dante’s journey, emblematic of the human

Condition. My representational choices are strongly

characterize by saturated color and wondering forms,

as fragments of my consciousness and hope.


                                Giuseppe Corazzina

Welcome to my Tellus

The Choice to Emigrate for Artistic Inspiration

“By being in contact with another society so diverse from that of Italy and not comparable to it - says Corazzina – I wanted to research alternative stimuli and emotions for my paintings. Diversity does not scare me; indeed, it helps to know myself better. My work in the arts affords me a passport to any place in the world and by knowing and being aware of it so many difficulties are, therefore, amply repaid. It is an experience that one must live to fulfill internal growth.”