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1999 Art League of Daytona Beach, FL

1999 Valencia Community College Gallery, Orlando, FL

2000 Harris House of Atlantic Center for the Arts, Daytona Beach, FL

2000 Life in “I” style, Winter Park, FL

2001 Art on Douglas, New Smyrna Beach, FL.      Beginning of a new collaboration

2001 AOD miniature exhibition (first of annual exhibition)

2001 The Consulate General of Italy, Miami, FL

2003 AOD (Art on Douglas) Artists in Academia

2004 AOD “The Corazzina Chapel”

"The Corazzina Chapel" wants to be a contemporary rendering of renaissance pictorial themes.

In a fantastic trip of my mind (like Dante imaginary trip narrated in the Divine Comedy) I have used the symbols handled by past Masters and transferred them to the events of our days.

I handled these symbols with strong emotion and faith, because they can be a warning, a fear, and a hope that everyone must always keep in mind.

Giuseppe Corazzina

2005 AOD group exhibitions

2006 AOD “The Dream Bag”

The Dream Bag is an imaginary and metaphorical representation of my journey through life. Its contents are rich with renewed dreams, realities and stimuli inhabiting my mind, generating original ideas that are transferred onto canvas.

Being aware that creating art is a process of evolution and renewal, I am able to harness daily emotions and life experiences and express it in my art.

My dreams reflect the memories of my intense professional years in Italy and of the new and important challenges of the last ten years spent living in the United States.

This fusion of bi-cultural experiences is an integral part of my evolving artistic and professional development. The experiences provide an endless supply of challenges which are added into the Dream Bag for future use.  

When transferring these emotions and dreams onto canvas, I often use reality disguised as dreams by choosing very distinct chromatic intensities. This allows me to impart extreme meaning to each form represented in my pictorial representations.

My global vision for this collection reflects and emphasizes forms and fragments propelling out of the Dream Bag and flying unrestrained in the open space, as a liberating game, unlatching archaic and pseudo modernist concepts.

Giuseppe Corazzina

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